Intregated services including, recycling, treatment, disposal of waste, rental of CCUs (Cargo Carrying Units), tank cleaning and quayside transfer facilities. Pioneer in the introdution of world-class proven technologies for waste treatment in Angola

Thermal Desorption

For treatment of oil based mud contaminated Drill Cuttings, Centrifugation Waste, Bottom Sludge, Slop Water, etc., AES uses Thermal Desorption Units (TDUs).

The TDU process is briefly described as an indirect thermal stripping process, which heats the drill cuttings, centrifugation waste, bottom sludge, etc. in a controlled chamber, enabling the extraction and recovery of the liquids (Oil and Water) from the waste product.

The TDU process reduces the volume of waste material by extracting / recovering the oil from the waste stream.

The recovered oil (99% recovery) is of a very high quality and is suitable for reuse in the fabrication of new drilling mud. The recovery is achieved without modifications to the molecular structure of the recovered oil.

The treated solids contain less than 1% hydrocarbons and are disposed to AES’s approved landfills. The TDU process reduces the waste volume to 50-70%, thereby equally reducing the amount of road transportation (trucks) outside the Oil & Gas supply bases, which again reduces the carbon emission as well as the risks associated with road transportation.

Since 2005, AES has treated more than 400.000 tons via AES TDUs and recovered / recycled more than 68.000 tons (85.000 m3) of base oil.

Rental of Cargo Carrying Units (CCU)

AES has a fleet of more than 6,000 offshore certified CCUs in Angola, which enables AES clients to transfer equipment, products and waste to / from the exploration and production activities.

ALL AES CCUs are designed, manufactured and certified in accordance with DNV 2.7-1 and EN12079 standard.

AES CCUs services include dedicated team working 24/7 to support clients operations and ensure all CCUs are maintained in good conditions (including cleaning) and recertified.

AES CCUs are tailor made for AES waste treatment infrastructure / process, enabling AES an automated emptying / cleaning process, which makes it possible for AES to return the CCU faster to the clients, which again enables the clients to commit to less dedicated CCU, making the clients operations more cost effective.

Selected AES designed CCUs:

  • Closed Skip
  • Vacuum Skip
  • Boat Shaped Skip
  • Mini Containers
  • IBC / Mini Containers
  • Half Height Container
  • Cargo Basket
  • Open Top Container
  • Waste Oil Tanks
  • Jet Fuel Tanks
  • Chemical Tanks

By using AES CCUs, AES is in a position to offer AES clients reduced waste treatment rates when the waste is delivered in AES CCUs. Furthermore, AES clients often optimises (cost savings) their logistics operations (less movements/transfers) as CCUs and waste treatment are both provided by only one company (AES).

High Temperature Incinerator Unit (HTIU)

Since 2005 AES has been operating a HTIU with success. The Incinerator technology utilized by AES has been developed and supplied by the Danish State.

The incinerator is utilized to incinerate solid and liquid hazardous waste such as waste oil, organic solvents, paint sludge, lacquers, plastic, synthetic materials, rubber, chemicals, etc.

The incinerator consists of a feed system, rotary kiln, secondary combustion chamber, flue gas cooling system, flue gas cleaning, control system, a continuous emission monitoring system and an integrated water treatment unit where water from the flue gas cleaning system is treated.

The AES incinerator destroy the waste material at an operating temperature of 1,100°C inside the rotary kiln and the subsequent secondary combustion chamber which ensures the destruction of the organic components equally at a temperature of 1,100°C.  The final solid waste after incineration collected and safely sent to AES certified landfill.

The flue gas cleaning system is equipped with bag filters, quench and wet scrubber, which ensures compliance with the emission requirement as specified in the EU directive 2000/76/EC on the incineration of hazardous waste.

Centrifugation & Bulk Transfer

AES installed and operates centrifuges at the various mud plants for the reconditioning of oil based mud, including collection, transfer treatment and disposal of centrifugation underflow.

Furthermore AES has invested heavily in its quayside infrastructure / tank farm, which enables AES Clients to transfer (pump) various types of oil based mud contaminated waste directly from the supply vessels.

Cleaning Services

AES provides mobile Tank Cleaning Units (TCU), including Dry Bulk Vacuum System and specialized cleaning crews for confined space. Currently AES has various independent Tank Cleaning Units and Vacuum system in Angola, which are build and certified to operate in various and diverse environments such as on board supply vessels, drilling rigs, FPSOs, etc.

Since 2005 AES has performed, to Clients satisfaction, more than 1,500 cleaning jobs.

AES has more than 50 certified cleaning operators, trained and experienced to carry out operations in various environments both onshore and offshore, including in NORM environments.

Disposal & Recycling

Since 2005 has been operating landfills in Angola and today AES owns and operates two landfills in Angola and a third is in the planning. AES landfills only receive waste from AES and do not accept waste / end products from third party

AES landfills are designed, constructed and approved according to the Angolan requirements and South African Minimum Requirements (DWAF second Edition, 1998).

The landfills are divided into four main cells classes, as indicated below, and will be developed / expanded as required:

  • Cell 1 – Hazardous waste (Incineration)
  • Cell 2 – Solids with a TPH < 1% (TDU)
  • Cell 3 – Evaporation pond
  • Cell 4 – Domestic waste.
Outsourcing & Laboratory
AES service package includes the provision of specialized manpower for waste management and chemical handling at AES client’s installations. The services currently include nut not limited to:

  • Setting up and operating laboratory on clients site
  • Managing and handling client´s chemical storage park and equipment
  • Identifying, classifying and handling unknown chemical waste at client´s site
  • Cleaning and housekeeping of client´s plants and facilities, including warehouses
  • Accepting products for lab testing from clients in AES facility

Furthermore, AES presence at the locations where AES clients generate the waste supports / ensures aligned waste classification and documentation to the requirements, such as the Angolan LAR code.